Thursday, June 23, 2011

De Best Grilled Chicken in Brunei @ IDEAL Cafe & Grill

My ultimate grilled chicken!! Love this Ideal Chicken.  There's nowhere in this world you can get this chicken except in Brunei.  Im so proud of Brunei.  Sometimes i can go crazy with this chicken!! finger licking good!!

Garlic Rice &Ideal grilled Chicken

Thien Thien Chicken Rice, Brunei

26.05.2011 @ Thien Thien Chicken Rice, Brunei. The famous silky soft and smooth steamed chicken that just melt in your mouth. Thien Thien only offers steamed instead of deep-fried/roasted chicken. It is greatly known for its incredibly Steamed Chicken anyway, so people will not be fussing looking for the roasted type. in the other hand, their Laksa and Kolomee and wellknown to many too. The restaurant is concentrate only selling these few items only. People who go there knows exactly what they want to eat, surely go for the chicken and 2ndly for the laksa.

The service of food is quick, if you're so hungry and couldn't wait for more longer, this is the place that you should be thinking of, quick and fast deliver to your table!! I can guarantee you that the food will not be disappointed.

People who comes to brunei, wouldn't want to miss this silky soft steamed chicken, it is officially the Brunei food that you should try.

I have been eating thien thien chicken rice 10 over years and i haven't get bore with that. i would miss the chicken rice sometimes if too long i don't have it.. :) by the way, i have been to the thien thien in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It was run by the same owner, but however, since im a loyal customer of Thien Thien, know so well with the taste and smell. i find that the chicken wasn't as good as it in Brunei, the taste totally different, as well as the consistency of the chicken, rice quality, smell and most of all the taste. So i still prefer back to Brunei for a plate of good Thien Thien Chicken Rice.

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