Friday, April 29, 2011

Seafood Restaurants @ Jimbaran Beach, Bali

30.10.2006 @ Seafood Restaurants at Jimbaran Beach, Bali. Eating seafood on the beach in Jimbaran is a quintessential part of many a visitor's itinerary when coming to Bali. Jimbaran Bay is home to about fifty grilled seafood restaurants in three different groupings, all set along the beach. Each of the restaurants is much of a muchness and of the groupings, the most southerly closest to the Four Seasons is the most popular these days.

Tables are set up right on the sand and if you sit at the lowest tables at high tide, you can even get your feet wet. The sea breeze is cool, the sunsets are beautiful and the whole area is lit by oil torches after dark.
The restaurants serve essentially the same menu with one basic dining format:
  • fire-grilled (bakar) seafood with your own choice of various fish, crab, squid, shrimp, lobster and other shellfish
  • local green vegetables steamed with garlic
  • rice or french fried potatoes
  • local spicy sauces
Simply go up to the seafood tanks and choose the number and type of seafood you want to eat, pay by weight and the produce is grilled there and then. You also have the option of ordering from the menu but that is nothing like so much fun.
Prices are very reasonable by western standards and dinner for two with local Bintang beer or soft drinks will cost in the range of Rp 150,000-300,000 depending on quantity and type of seafood selected. Everything is freshly caught as Jimbaran is still a functioning fishing village. If you want to drink wine, bring it with you and pay a nominal corkage charge.

The combination of atmosphere and good food make this a memorable and delightful place to spend an evening with your love ones and friends.

Warung Italia, Bali

01.11.2006 @ Warung Italia, Seminyak, Bali. Heard so much about this place from our friend in Bali. Its one of the MOST DINE warung in town. So don't miss this place if you're in BALI! The warung actually located at the hub of upscale and bars & restaurant areas, so be prepared to bring some extra cash for your bill and not exception at this warung too, so don't be surprised to see your bill at the end of your meal.

Our friend who brought us to this warung told us that the italian food was so good & most of all, it's so original cooked by the italian chefs who owns the warung. So we went, strolling around the area before we reach the warung.

My first impression was the seated area very warm & cozy, and it was lunch time, the warung was quite packed with foreign faces, tourists and locals. We head to the buffet counter, where they served an array selection of italian cuisine from the colorful green, purple & red salad to the main course of green cooked vegy, eggs, meat & pasta variation. food looks incredible delicious! I really enjoy every single bites. Very much satisfied with the food i chose. Look forward to dine here again during my next visits in Bali.

Address : Warung Italia, Jl. Kunti #2, Seminyak.
Tel : (0361) 737437

Bebek Bengil, Dirty Duck Dinner Ubud, Bali

31.10.2006 @ Bebek Bengil, Dirty Duck Dinner Ubud, Bali. It is the BEST ever restaurant that we dine in Ubud. I am absolutely falling in Love with the restaurant set-up and atmosphere. It was so Balinese!! so comfy and at the sametime so welcome. This place is a definitely a place that you won't want to miss if you're in Ubud. The restaurant was first opened in 1990. Serving an array delicacies from authentic Balinese food to Western food. The restaurant has a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Giving you the best of view ever facing the Padi field.

We had the restaurant specialty the "Bebek Bengil Crispy Duck", Half a duck steamed in Indonesian spices and then fried for a crispy finish. Your choice of sauteed potatoes and a side salad or steamed rice and Indonesian vegetables and Sambal. Our lovely friend had Caesar Salad and something else that i forgot to take picture.

Here i managed to copy a short article and introduction from "bebek bengil ubud " website.

"It says that Many people have asked us how we got the name 'Bebek Bengil',well here's the story..When we were building the restaurant, we thought long and hard about a name. Many good suggestions came from our friends, but none seemed just right. We knew we wanted a Balinese name that translated well into English. However, for a long time the metaphor eluded us. One tropical monsoon morning, when the restaurant was very close to being finished ( we had the concrete floor down, and the tables in ), a flock of ducks from the rice field across the road ( yes, there were rice fields all around us then ) ran quacking and squawking into the restaurant and across the floor and tables. They left muddy webbed footprints all over the place. They were our first guests - those dirty ducks!"

For more information, please log on to

Address : Bebek Bengil Restaurant (Dirty Duck Dinner)
Telp. 62-361- 975 489
Padang Tegal - Ubud

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Supper at Ashita D'Cafe, Penang

19.02.2011 @ Ashita D' Cafe, Komtar Walk, Penang. It was our last night at Penang, have our last night out walk from Cititel Hotel to Upper Road Penang heading down to Komtar. It was almost 10pm when we reached Komtar Walk, all shops and cafe or restaurants were almost closed. But luckly there were few still opened till late night like the GeorgeTown White Coffee, KFC & the Ashita D'Cafe. It was a long and tired walk, especially my poor baby, he was sweating all over, we need to cool down our baby... :) so we decided to take a break at Ashita D'Cafe before heading back to the hotel.

The cafe has a nice interior and looks cozy, clean and air-conditioning. however, the cafe also provided outdoor seated area with fans for diners. The cafe served an array of chinese delicacies, famous penang food & western too, the best of all its Halal. Its definitely a place provided for muslim fellows. Since it was Halal and the menu looked so tempting with great pictures, we picked some yummy kolomee for super. Overall the food was great and wonderful experience.

Address: Ashita D' Cafe, Lot 3 Komtar Walk, 10000 Pulau Pinang. Georgetown,Penang.

Escapade Sushi DInner with Lilian, Brunei

04.02.2011 @ Escapade Sushi Restaurant, Time Square Mall Brunei. Dinner in Japan!! Its the 2nd day of CNY, most of the restaurant in town still closed for business. So Lilian's family & friends decided to dinner in Escapade. We were invited to join the dinner, so i decided to bring them to the new Escapade outlet in Time Square Mall. The food was good and reasonable price for so many of us. We all have a good laugh, talk, photo shooting & dinner. Thanks to Lilian's & Kenny for a great and pleasant dinner.

Address : TIMES SQUARE,Spg13-29, Jln Berakas, Kg Jaya Setia, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. Open daily : 11am-10pm, Tel: 2342912

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