Friday, May 3, 2013

Secret Recipe, 1Borneo - KK

07.01.2012 - Secret Recipe, Grd Flr, 1Borneo. KK Sabah. Catching up with brother and sisters! We have a great time. 

Sushi King, 1Borneo KK

07.01.2013 - Sushi King, 1st Flr, 1Borneo, KK. Sabah. Great food, Great company!

Bits & Bites, Wisma Merdeka, KK.

06.01.2012 - Bits & Bites, Grd Flr Wesma Merdeka, KK. Sabah.  My all time favourite butter cupcakes!!  Every bites brings back those college days memories! I love every bite.  Its so yummy.  I won't forget to get a few cupcakes back with me whenever i stop at wisma Merdeka.  

This cafe sell all kinds of malay kueh, cakes and served hot and cold drinks. If u never try this, pls do! u won't regret this. 

Dim Sum Cafe Restaurant @ Gadong

03.01.2012 - Dim Sum Cafe Restaurant, Gadong. Brunei.  Served delicious mouth watering dim sum, thumbs up for the siew mai! I find that the siew mai taste so delicious! a bite that reminds me of my childhood time having siew mai somewhere those days! Every bite is a memory.   Not to forget also the har gao, fried yum puff and other were delish too. 

I love the duck kolomee and chicken char siew and steamed chicken rice was so yummy too. All these is a must try food when dine in. Happy Eating!!

Chicken Rice Set with Char Siew Chicken

 Fish Maw Soup

Duck Kolomee

I think i got to give this a 3 thumbs up!! So far taste D Best! sorry foodzone.

Lee Lai Fatt, Gadong, Brunei - 01.01.2012

01.01.2012 - Lee Lai Fatt, Gadong.  New Brand at Gadong.  Lee Lai Fatt very well known in Brunei and its one of the must try food when visiting Brunei.  

Whenever we dine in, our orders are the fried items sweet potato, fried yam, fried beancurd and fried cucur udang served with a special dark sauce and Sotong Kangkong too.  Never disappointed with the consistency of its crispiness for deepfrying items and the sauce always taste the same for many years.

But to be honest, the chicken rice is a disappointment.  I have no choice but to order for my son!  Everytime chicken rice come out ugly, first is the presentation, just too "chin chai" or i can say "hantam" or i can say no sense of presenting a food in a nice way, taste is absolutely awful, totally Awful!! and sooo.....Tasteless!! i wonder if the cook ever tasted it herself or himself before they sell this food.  whats wrong with the cook?? i have been complaining to the service staff but they don't seems to bother too! some people just can't understand how important is customer feedback to improve their food quality, but instead they accept it as a negative complains.

I will sure go back for the sotong kangkong, fried items and laksa perhaps... but definitely not the chicken rice!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happiness Restaurant @ Nagoya Hill, Batam

01.05.2013 -  Happiness Restaurant, Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall, Batam.  The big Menu shown so many sumptuous chinese food. The specialty at this restaurant is the Roasted Duck.  Will sure be back for this duck next time.  

01.05.2103 - Batam.  We ordered Sweet & Sour Fish, Special Chicken Canton and Claypot seafood beancurd for lunch,  Great place for a great lunch.

01st May is a Labour Day, here in Indonesia is not a public holiday and so as in Brunei :) .  Lucky for the Malaysian! Malaysia is a public holiday for all and its a bonus day off for all.  Well, even though Indonesia has not entitled for this off day, nothing can stop them from taking part for this special day, as Malaysian lying on the bed for a long sleep and Indonesian are out demonstrating in the streets and some other part of the countries are doing the same thing.


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