Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner @ Muti'ah Restaurant, Brunei

05.05.2011 @ Muti'ah Restaurant, Kiulap. Brunei. $5.00 buffet anyone?! so shocking cheap!! We never know $5.00 buffet exist in town, in fact there are 4 restaurants located in the same block that offers the same price for dinner, well except for Aiko Jpn Rest. buffet cost $6.00, a dollar more.

When we walk past that block, we saw all 4 restaurants were almost fully occupied with big and small families alike. I have no doubt that it must be the bruneians malay big family favourite eating place. So we just went into one of the 4 restaurants. We thought of trying Muti'ah Restaurant first and the rest well be some other day. Attractive price with quiet a lot of variety, well i can say that food served worth of $5.00, so no complains.

Who wish to have a quick meal like us, or looking for value for money eating out or would like to dine with big big family or have small function, here might be the right place for you.

Address : 1st unit, same block with Aiko Sushi, Kiulap or a building that behind fitness zone kiulap.

Lunch @ Amanah Harith, Jerudong Brunei

17.04.2011 @ Restaurant Amanah Harith, Jerudong. Brunei. Back in 10 years ago, this is the place where me and my colleagues love to walked here for lunch from our office nearby. I remembered this restaurant was very new at that time, it always neat, tidy and cleaned. Back then, not much customers recognize this humble little restaurant but however, we were maybe the only loyal customers who loves their food . we were saying that sooner or later this restaurant gonna be as famous as other restaurant in town, as we like the consistency of the food and variety offers on the menu.

So...yes, we really prove ourselves right!! i can see the difference from now and then. People and local magazines are recognizing this place for good food and of cos by the Bruneians with its Sunday Lunch Buffet, functions, Catering and other buffet offers during the Ramadhan month. Especially with big families love to dine here as the restaurant has an ample parking space and restaurant with hug round tables offers almost for big families alike.

At this very moment, the most attractive offer they have is the Sunday Brunch/Lunch Buffet at only $7.00 per person. Available every Sunday & Public Holiday only. We love to dine here once or twice a month no more or less. I love their famous Johor Laksa & Rojak, I guess that's all i eat everytime.

There are some other famous dishes on the menu is a must try, the Malaysia Nasi Lemak & Mee Rebus, Nasi Ayam and some ready cooked dishes at the food counter for you to choose. Overall makan here is very much satisfying.

Address : No. 683, Spg 681, Jalan Jerudong. BSB. Tel : 2612140

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bombay Palace, Authentic North Indian Rest. - Brunei.

17.05.2011 @ Bombay Palace Restaurant & Catering, Authentic North Indian Cuisine, Brunei. Indian authentic restaurant is blooming quite rapidly in the sultanate. Bombay Palace Restaurant is one of the new kid on the block in Brunei. It is known to served 100% Authentic Delicious North Indian Cuisine. Established almost a year now, with elegant interior and decoration, a function room provided at the upper floor and provided outside catering services with a great selection of menu in different price ranging from $10 & above.

The dinner we ordered some mouth watering dishes. Chicken Tikka, Dal Tadka, Mutton Gravy, Chicken Seekh Kebab, Briyani Rice, Garlic Naan, Plain & Mango Lassi and joined us for dinner is Mr. Rishi Chadha known as "Babu" the owner, he quickly introduced us his famous delicacies the Butter Naan, Tandoori Naan, Chicken Malai Tikka and two more dishes that i don't get the names. All taste like nothing else in other indian restaurant that we had, the dishes with gravy are rich, thick and creamy.

According to Babu, he has been wanting to opened a restaurant of his own, it was the right time as he gets the right chef to run the kitchen. Bombay Palace is the only restaurant that offers varies Mutton dishes that other indian restaurant doesn't, and the most special of all are the herbs and spices used for cooking flew all the way from India.

Should you love to dine in a cozy, private, elegant indian restaurant and served with 100% great authentic north indian food, please make yourself a reservation at the Bombay Palace restaurant, I assure you, this place is the right choice.

Address : 9 Blk B, Grd Flr, Bgn Pg Mainuddin & Anak-Anak, Pengka, Bandar Seri Begawan. Phone: 242-7313

Monday, May 16, 2011

Nasi Padang @ PSW, Sengkurong. Brunei

15.05.2011 @ Pondok Sari Wangi, Sengkurong Branch, Brunei. The restaurant is so welcoming for big family & group, huge spaces & comfortable setting to suits everyone. The place is clean, neat & tidy.

Pondok Sari Wangi sengkurong branch is specialized in Padang Cuisine. It offers an array selection of mouth watering Padang cuisines on the menu from chicken, beef, fish, prawns, cuttlefish, vegetables to the famous sambal hijua, all cooked in real authentic padang way that i would say it is the most delectable padang cuisine i have ever had. other than a vast selection of Padang food, they offer some Asian delicacies to suits your every needs.

On to our orders. We started the night with our special friend, the humble Mr. Ridwan, the owner. He was so kind to joined us for dinner and introducing us new dishes and in additional, he selected a couple of new dishes for dry run, added so much food, the feeling of excitement seeing all those scrumptious food coming out one by one on the table! They all look gorgeous and delicious! All food served on the table in total of 15 dishes. Ridwan said "That is how nasi padang should be eaten, the whole table full of variety of dishes".

So we had the Jengkol Belado, Jengkol Kalio, Daging Rendang, Dendeng Lombok, Daging Kalio, Gulai daun sengkong, Sambal Hijau Ikan Bilis, Ayam Pop, Ayam Penyet, Udang Sambal Petai, Ikan Bakar, Ikan sambal Hijau, Tempe Goreng, Babat Kalio & Kikil Kalio, in total of 15 dishes. All served with a reasonable portion sizes, served hot with steamed rice. not to forget the famous Indonesia style Avocado Juice, topped with chocolate milk & Jakarta es Chendol. The table completely full of delicious looking Padang food!! can't wait to dive in, but before i can do so, my eyes feast before my mouth! which i need to do some beautiful photo shooting to share with everyone out there!! Not only that they look so good! they REALLY taste excellent all the way!!

I would love to high-light my top 3 dishes that you would die for, the signature dish "Daging Rendang". It cooked so gently to the level of softness to the beef that you could easily pull apart, dry but not over cooked by breaking off the meat, so yummy. " Dendeng Lombok" is another dish to die for! When i had my first bite, its like a magic to my taste bud that brings me to another planet! full of texture, so tasty with the belado toppings, so delicious! the beef texture does look a little hard from outside, but don't fool by the look, b'cos the taste is better than it looks. " Jengkol Belado" if you're a jengkol lover, this is the dish that will not go wrong. the stinky jengkol fruit that deep-fried with hot oil and cooked in belado style, goes very soothing with the jengkol stinky taste itself. I would love to have another plate of jengkol for sure.

Other than my top 3 dishes that i choose, those i don't mentioned are equally fantastic bombastic! like the "Ayam Pop", is another improved dish that soon will be on the menu, Babat Kalio, KiKil Kalio, Sambal Hijau with Ikan Bilis & others are all excellent.

After all mouth-watering 15 dishes, i have to say that the Padang Cuisine at Pondok Sari wangi is the BEST in Brunei!! They are deliciously excellent!!! We will sure go back for more!! No need to elaborate more about the food, you just have to experience yourself to agree with me.

Address : No. 12 & 13, HYA Building, Jln Tutong, Kg. Sengkurong, Brunei Darussalam.
Tel : 2661893

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