Monday, January 19, 2015

Japanese Cotton Cheesecake

Continue updating my blog, has been away from blogging for so long, busy cooking and baking away left my blog far behind.  im going to continue uploading all my cooking from where i stopped last year october 2014. :) i know its where..but i have to keep them all posted for my cooking record. Cheers to all and Happy New Year 2015.

16.10.2014 - Batam.  Bake a lovely Japanese cotton cheesecake for my mom and sisters came all the way from Msia-Spore-Batam for a short visit. Im using the same Japanese-cotton-cheesecake recipe on my blog few months ago.  You will find this recipe bake at 180c reduce temperature to 170c 17mins before finish.

I use such high temperature because my oven is not going to cook my cheesecake at 160c duration 1hr 30mins ( which i've ever tried and end up a half cooked cheesecake and very bad ) you may adjust your own oven temperature to gets a perfect japanese cheesecake baking.

Here are some pictures of the baking process.

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