Friday, July 10, 2015

Basic Bread Dough for variety of Sweet Buns

31.12.2014 - This is one of very useful Basic Bread Dough with a large quantity that can use for variety of sweet buns.  Recipe adapted from Kenneth Goh basic-bread-dough-recipe-and-plum-blossom-sausage-buns-  please click link for recipe.

I used Basic Bread Dough Recipe to make "Buttermilk Buns", "Mini Sausage Buns" and "Coconut Sweet Buns".  For buttermilk filling, please refers to butter-milk-buns recipe.   I bake at 180c Pre-heated oven for 25mins or until golden brown.

This dough can make any sweet buns you desire like pizza, redbean buns, hamburger, sausage buns, any sweet bread, doughnuts or hot dog buns etc... as  mentioned on Kenneth's blog.

For Mini Sausage Buns
4 sausages ( cut into half )
1 egg ( egg wash )
Sesame Seeds
Basic Bread dough

Use the same dough to roll up the sausage in any shape you desire, brush egg wash, sprinkle sesame seeds.  let it rest for 15mins and bake at  Pre-heated oven 190c for 35 minutes or until bread turn golden brown.

For Coconut Filling ( for 8 pcs ) 
125g freshly grated coconut
70g caster sugar
30g butter,softened
30g egg, lightly beaten

1. Mix everything together. Divide into 8 equal portions and keep in the fridge to use when needed.
2. Roll out dough in to disc shape, take one portion of filling and seal tightly and flatten it with the rolling pin and shape the buns using any method you desire.
4. Let rise for 15mins, lightly covered, until double in size on a lightly greased tray. When ready, brush with egg wash.
5. Bake in preheated 190°C oven for about 25 minutes or until golden brown.

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