Saturday, March 26, 2011

Butter Prawns

1 portion of Medium size Prawns trimmed, slit back remain shells
handful Curry leaves
4 big eggs yolks
5tbsp salted butter

4 garlic finely chopped
chili padi chopped

Salt & sugar to taste
Dash of chicken stock powder

* Heat up oil for deep-frying prawns until cooked & fragrance. Dish & drain.
* Combine egg yolks, slightly bitten & put aside.
* Heat up wok, melt butter with low heat but hot, slowly pour in bitten egg yolk from a meter high, while other hand keep stirring until the mixture form into very fine shreds. Add in curry leaves, chili padi, seasoning and mixed well.
* Put in Prawns and mixed well, Dish up and drain off the excess oil.

Happy Cooking!!

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