Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crispy Taufu Pok Balls

1pkt taufu pok
2pcs white taufu/beancurd

fresh prawns finely chopped
carrots finely chopped into very small pcs
fresh mushroom finely choppped into very small pcs
pasley/corriander leaf finely chopped
3 garlic finely chopped
1 eggs

Salt & Pepper
chicken stock
light soya sauce
oyster sauce
3 tbsp corn flour

* Mashed 2pcs white taufu with hand and mix well with all the stuffing ingredients and add in seasoning & egg to mix well, keep aside.
* clean taufu pok from the outside.
* Poke a hole in the center of taufu pok and turn taufu pok skin inside out. Once all done, start the stuffing, make sure all stuffing are equally firm & round.
* heat the wok, add oil in high heat for deep-frying.
* when oil is hot, put in stuffed taufu pok one at a time.
* deepfried until golden brown, dish & drain and served with Thai chili sauce/homemade or ketchup as your own liking.

Happy cooking!! :)

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