Monday, May 12, 2014

Thai Mango Salad Chicken

I know this will sounds weird to you! guess what, im making this Thai Mango Salad without using Fish sauce!! is that weird to you?! haaa..Indeed it would be weird to those who knows the exact ingredient for this dish.  I was actually ran out of fish sauce but i have tones of mango to eat them up. 

Thai Mango dish is one of our favourite, i went on to prepare this this without fish sauce.  I replaced fish sauce with light soya sauce, it taste as good as fish sauce just less of that sharp fish sauce smell in the dish but i guess still taste marvellous to me.  This bowl of mango salad goes with my crispy chicken, so this is a Thai Mango Salad Chicken Dish. 

Mango Salad Ingredients:-
2 half ripe Mangoes
3 parsley
3-4 shallots
2-3 chilies
1 lemongrass
Fish sauce / light soya sauce
Thai chili sauce ( you can omit this if you use fish sauce ) 
2 lime juice / 2tbsp lemon juice
shave about 2tbsp palm sugar to taste ( if not sweet enough, add some brown sugar to taste ) 

* cut all ingredients and seasoning set aside. 

Crispy Chicken

Marinate chicken
salt, peper, cornstarch & egg white 
3tbsp cornstarch for coating

Fried peanuts for topping. 

Deepfried till golden brown. dish up and chopped set aside served with Mango salad on top and sprinkle with chop peanut.

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