Sunday, September 7, 2014

Basic Crispy Fried Banana or Pisang Goreng

05.09.2014 - Nongsa, Batam.  Whether in Malaysia, Brunei or Indonesia, Pisang Goreng or Fried Banana Fritters has been my all time favourite during breakfast, afternoon break or as snack during anytime of the day.

i still not afraid of consuming fried banana at the street hawkers or wherever it is available during the busy market hours early evening that specially freshly dish up from the hot oil while its still crispy and crunchy! its irresistible. but however, im being very careful now. Because these delicious pisang goreng has no longer safe to eat from street vendors / hawkers.

Few years ago or i can say up to these days i am still hearing many dishonest vendors using drinking straws or plastic oil bottles added into the hot cooking oil to deepfried the bananas in order to keep their pisang goreng stay crispy.

So to eat safe and healthy, the only way is to reduce consuming at the hawkers and cook ourself.  But how you want your fried banana stays crispy and crunchy? its simply easy!! let me tell u, u do not need to mix the batter with rice flour, or add plastic to the cooking oil ( like those uneducated psycho vendors ) who feed us plastic.  Now there is a thing call "baking soda".  I know its chemical too, but this is edible chemical that meant for cooking.  The crispiness secret is all in the baking soda my friends!!

Since i love to eat pisang goreng, i always cook fried banana at home, and the more practise i get the better my batter mixing to get the right crispiness for my bananas.  Finally I have created my recipe to the right texture and crispiness!! Not saying to blow my own trumpet but i think my pisang goreng is the BEST on earth with that crispiness without using any ready-made mix flour or added any weird stuff in it to get that crispiness.

I do care about your health out there, so i don't mind to share my recipe to you all and i hope u love it! So eat safe and healthy, I can do it myself and so do you.

( i don't measure my ingredients for batter, but these are the ingredients i used and approximate measurement )

1 cup plain flour
water ( until u get a thick batter but not too watery consistency )
a pinch of salt
1tbsp sugar
3 dash / pinch of baking soda
4 big bananas (sliced thinly or your own liking )
Enough oil to deep-fry the bananas
confectioner sugar, cheese, chocolate rice, condense milk or brown sugar ( optional for garnishing )

Mix the flour, salt, sugar, baking soda and with a whisk, add water one at a time, so you can get the right consistency until no lumps. dip in cut bananas into batter to coat,

Heat the oil until deepfried bananas until golden brown and drain with kitchen towel.

Serve with just plain confectioner sugar or shredded cheddar cheese, sprinkle of chocolate rice or simply mix fried banana with condense milk and brown sugar or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream beside.

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