Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kundasang Market

11.12.2007 - Kundasang, Sabah.  Kundasang is 6km(4miles) from the Kinabalu Park HQ, renowned for temperate vegetables. A long row of wooden stalls bustling with fresh vegetables whole sellers freshly pick from farms around the valley. Buyers or passing travelers coming from everywhere sure stop to have a glimpse of the vegetables and plants. Nearby few rows of fruits stalls as well you can choose any type from local apples to strawberries.

Me, mummy and my sister are so confuse of what to buy as it was so many to choose from one another.Other then taking pictures we took our chances to walk further up hill follow our instinct with the smell of the BBQ chicken wings to a nearby restaurant for our lunch break. So we have our juicy BBQ Chicken Wings and soto daging which I think that was the best wings so far I had. We enjoyed our lunch very much as you can feel the fresh air and the combination of the environment it just makes you want to stay there for the rest of your life. Its really breathtaking.

Unfortunately, the weather is so unpredictable everyday at kundasang, this day consider not a very good day if you wish to take a closer look at the Mt.Kinablu because its' cover with clouds and fogs. Weather in the afternoon have a low temperature its either rainfall or foggy so it is better to take your chances in the early morning to get closer look and good view of Mt. Kinabalu. It is just amazing.

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sumantri said...

Somebody promise will bring me to kudasang ya!! Very nice drng picture and story also. I love u

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