Friday, January 11, 2008

Puncak Tea Plantation, Bogor

Puncak Tea Plantations @ Bogor, is not new tourist destination for most local.  Located on the rolling hills near Taman Safari Bogor 30 minutes away by car.  Fresh air and breathtaking view. 

06th Sept 2007, we took a public transport from Bogor town up to the Tea Plantations, approximately 1 hour to reach there. When reached that area, we stopped by further up hill to get a better view of the Tea Plantation.

The view just takes your breath away! The wind and air so refreshing and we managed to stop at the roadside kopi stall warung to have a cup of local brew hot coffee and enjoying the mountain view.  Continue explored the area walking down hill for 10-15 minutes to reach the Tea Plantations which opened for visitors.  Entrance Fee applied. With our surprised, there was a Tea House whereby visitors can enjoy a cup of two fresh brewed Tea, oh..well we don't want to waste much time on the tea drinking so we went straight to the real tree

Not much of a information about this plantation that we could read, we continue walking further down hills to get a closer look at the Teas. Spending some good time relaxing on the bench, a great view indeed looking at the huge area of tea and highway far and near from the hill, fresh air blow on our skin just wonderful.  Spending much of our time photo shootings about an hour or so we proceed to another place.

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