Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year's Eve 31st Dec 2007

On New Year's Eve 31st Dec 07, I choose to stays at home to cook myself and my sisters a nice dinner which I enjoy much nothing but crowd. When think about it, I am very lucky to stays at home as it then getting myself busy outside celebrating see was a heavy rain that night!

Now, let me go back to the menu for New Year's Eve. We have Grilled lamb Leg with Mint Sauce accompanied with Grilled Tomato, Saute Whole Garlic, Smash Potatoes, Stir-fried French Beans with Shallots and Saute Carrots with Shitaki Mushroom.

I enjoy cooking very much and this cooking was not the first time for me. It just takes few hours to prepared them earlier and another 1 1/2 hours to cooked! But it worth the sweat. I had the greatest meal ever for myself as my two sisters enjoyed it very much with much compliments from them as one of my sister said she has never had this well done, juicy and tender grill lamb legs in her life since the last time she had tried couple of restaurants either over cooked or not well done.

All of us enjoy it very much and we have the most satisfying New Year's Eve Dinner ever and eat as much as we like! Happy New Year 2008! This will be my welcome meal for my husband when he gets home from Saudi!

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sumantri said...

I wish i am there with you drng!! this must be greated food of the nite. I love to try it. Cook banyak2 for my wife later ya if we see each other. I love u

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