Monday, April 7, 2014

Chill-out @ J.CO Donuts & Cafe, Nagoya Hills Batam.

29.01.2014 - J.CO Donuts & Coffee @ Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall, Batam.  J.Co is one of the most famous and favourite cafe of the majority here in Indonesia.  I find the doughnuts here relatively too sweet but perhaps for those who have a strong sweet tooth might have no problem with that.  

A great place to chill out and checking your mail, where they provides a Wifi service.  My son snaking on the powder sugar donuts.  

The cafe has an indoor and outdoor sitting capacity for all sorts smoking and non smoking.

J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Donut Shop and Coffee Shop
Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, GF (Jalan Teuku Umar), BatamKepulauan Riau 29444

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