Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lunch @ Simply Chicken, Subang Skypark Airport, Msia.

31.01.2014 - Simply Chicken Restaurant @ Subang Skypark Airport, Malaysia.   Arrival Subang at 1:30pm, have a quick late lunch again at the same place as last year and catch another taxi to LCCT for another flight.  

Chicken rice is always our first choice, as our 3 years old love chicken rice very much.   The roasted chicken is very tasty and the jasmine rice is perfectly cooked, soft and tasty.  I still need to say that chicken rice is in fact the best choice, quick and delicious dish.  The chicken rice taste as good as the last time were here.  

Love it, it is simply delicious and the portion is very generous!! What an enjoyable quick meal! 

Simply Chicken, Subang Skypark

Asian Restaurant
Subang Skypark47200 SubangSelangor



 This is bryani rice set not from Simply Chicken, my husband order from next food outlet

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