Thursday, November 24, 2016

Kueh Momo Sarawak II

27.12.2014 - Make a double amount of kueh momo sarawak specially for my sister. Yummy.  Here is the recipe link kueh-momo-sarawak and sharing here some pics of kueh momo in the making :) Enjoy

Beautiful, the moment you pop in your mouth, it just crumble and melts away....yummy!  When i was staying in Brunei, i used to order or buy during every Hari Raya/Lebaran.  i never thought of making it myself but since i moved to Indonesia. No way no how i could get them, so the only way is to make myself.  Because of this, i think its really encourange myself to learn so much not only to make this cookies but has been encouraged me to bake alot of stuff that i couldn't think that i can do it myself.    

 My precious is enjoying the sugar... :)

 So yummy!!! Melt in your mouth :) 

Happy Baking

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