Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yellow Noodle Soup

25.11.2014 -  Batam.  This bowl of yellow noodle doesnt seem so attractive, but i simply love the simplicity of this dish.  Its just yellow noodle soup that so good to eat on a rainy day.

Everytime i prepare this dish, I simply add any meat i have like fish fillet, prawns, squid, fish cake or fish ball, sausage, chicken or beef fillets.  For vegetables, any kind of vegetables will do but i find Sayur Manis / Daun Katuk / Mani cai or Cengkok Manis...( so many names... :) is the best vegetable suits this kind of noodle soup, i believe because of the sweetness from the leafs that make the soup tastier and more if added some anchovies to the soup will be a bonus. Yummy.

( Apologize for not having an exact measurement for this recipe, you may need to adjust to your own amount and taste )

A bowl of handful yellow noodle ( boiled and cooked ) 
Few fish balls 
2 chicken sausages 
sweet leaf [mani cai] ( optional - beansprout, lettuce, chinese long cabbage etc )
2 tbsp dried anchovies - washed
1 tsp chopped garlic
600 ml water or 3 rice bowls

( for additional ingredients, you are free to add any kinds of meat or additional dry ingredients - dry seaweed, egg  that you love to be in your noodle soup )
For Onion Oil and Sautee Onion
1 cup of Cooking Oil 
1 whole Onion 

1tbsp oyster sauce
1tbsp light soya sauce
Dash of sesame oil
Salt and Sugar to taste
Dash of Pepper
Chicken granules to taste

Step 1
1st we need to make onion oil and caramelize onion.   Heat oil in a large frypan over low heat. Add cooking oil and whole cut onions cook very slowly until onion is soft and little caramelized, stirring occasionally to prevent them from  burning. Dish up and set aside. 

Step 2
Heat wok, add in water and all seasoning at once and dried anchovies and meat, let it boil in high heat then lower down to medium fire and add onion oil and sauteed onion and mani cai vegetable.  Season to taste and add yellow noodle until boiled and off fire. 

Step 3
At this point, you may { break in an egg and lightly stir to mix ) and dish up served on a soup bowl, top with more generous amount of sauteed onion and onion oil or crispy seaweed and serve immediately.

Happy Cooking. 

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