Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Little Precious Deedat Wei Sheng E. Sumantri

The born of my little precious DEEDAT Wei Sheng E. Sumantri on the 10th Feb 2010 made a very meaningful day of my life. Having him in our life is a sunshine every day and night. I cannot imagine life without him every second now! He meant so much to me and my husband. He is a GIFT from ALLAH the almighty! A special child he will be. Love him forever my son as much as i LOVE my husband. Thank you for my husband for being so supportive all the time, we both new in parenthood but we never give up and always learn and give our very best to our boy.

Today is 09th May 2010 MOTHER'S DAY and special day to all mothers....and i am feeling it now as a mother to celebrate for the very first time in my life. the feeling just awesome! being a mother to DEEDAT is the most happiest thing of my life and my journey as a motherhood had just begun. I will do my best and very best to raise DEEDAT as a brilliant, responsible, useful, passionate, devoted and a loving child to the parent, ALLAH SWT, families and friends respectively.

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