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Curry Laksa Mee

30.10.2010 - BRUNEI.  To make good bowl of LAKSA mee soup is actually not that difficult, but by just reading and looking at the recipe and ingredients, looks much more complicated and loads of work.

For my laksa recipe, sure gives no worries and its very easy to handle, remember the only thing that you need to cook is the LAKSA SOUP! nothing else. Follow my recipe step by step, you will find it so much easier than it sounds.

I am extremely falling in love with my super rich and thick Curry Laksa Noodle!! It was so damn good!! How could i not to cook this earlier.. it was super easy and cooking my very first Laksa with flying colours!  i think the best part is no need to fuss and busy with making laksa paste from scratch.  

Let me introduce you this paste, I used Nyonya Brand Curry Laksa Paste.  It was so good!! I won't ever change any brand for making my laksa noodle in the further not other than Nyonya brand. Love this paste. taste super good.  Please try this paste if you can get one.

I am really satisfy with my Laksa making and super satisfy with the result..

  Nyonya Brand - Curry Laksa Paste ( thumbs up!! )

Another interesting thing that i would love to share is that, LAKSA LEAVES list of names. Laksa Leaves is a kind of Herb or plant with a strong smelly leaves, used as a flavouring. that is a must in making a bowl of good Laksa or asam cooking method. In Malaysia, they called it "Daun Kesum" in malay language or probably you can see sometimes its name as "Laksa Leaves" too in english at the supermarket.

Where in Brunei supermarket, it name can be seen on the tag as "Laksa Leaves" and in Singapore or Vietnam recognized as the "Vietnamese Leaves". Just one herb has 3 different names from different countries. So don't confuse yourself, its just one type of Herb that has different name.

Yellow noodle/rice noodle
Fresh prawns medium size

5 Fresh eye bird chili
5-6 shallots
5-6 garlic
thumb size ginger peel & cut
thumb size gelaga

7-8 candlenuts, pound
1 lemongrass
corriander powder
chili powder
tumeric powder
1 tsp belachan
1 pkt Laksa paste ( nyonya brand )
2 pkt coconut milk
sugar, salt & chicken granules to taste
1pkt taufu pok
1 bunch Laksa Leaves /Vietnamese Leaves /Daun Kesum

cooked prawns/shredded chicken/fish cake
2 hard boiled egg
cucumber, julienne
bird eye chili


Make Prawn Stock, boil water in Pot, In fresh medium prawns with shell. cook for 15mins until stock turn red.  discard prawns keep prawn stock boiling.   Discard prawn shells and keep prawn aside for garnishing.

In a blender, blend all spices, put aside

Head wok, put in lemongrass, corriander powder, chili powder, tumeric powder, stir well, add in blended spices mix well.

Mix in 1 pkt of laksa paste and mix well with spices then in 3 pkt of coconut milk, add sugar, salt and chicken granules to taste and add in to the hot prawn stock. stir well. keep it boiling medium fire and lastly add in taufu pok.  cook for another 10mins or till boil.

Finally when everything is cooked, add in laksa leave a quick stir and turn off heat.

Served with Yellow noodle or mee hoon. garnish with  cooked prawns/shredded chicken/fish cake
hard boiled egg, cucumber, julienne bird eye chili, beansprout and sprinkle chopped spring onion.

Add more laksa leave if you wanted to.

Happy cooking!!


This is what i called " Curry Laksa", rich, thick and full of flavour! 

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