Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hong Kong Egg Tart Recipe

25.04.2013 - I love egg tarts! and so as my little one.  I find making egg tart as easy as pie. so love to share this recipe with all of u who loves egg tart.  :)

Enjoy Baking!

Ingredients for Pastry
140g butter ( room temperature, cut into small pcs )
200g plain flour
70g icing sugar
1/2 egg or 1 small egg

Ingredients for egg fillings
140g castor sugar
300ml water
80ml full cream evaporated milk ( do not use fresh milk or whole milk, the result wont be the same )
4 eggs


1) mix in all pastry ingredients in a mixing bowl.  mixed and press butter with hand or with a pastry cutter to mix. ( but i prefer to use both hands to do the magic! ) after mixed well and

2)  Knead!

3) spread some flour on the working table, knead for about 10mins until everything is mixed and refrigerate for 20mins until it is firm in a workable stage. ( Do not need to refrigerate your dough if is already at the workable stage )

4) Ingredients for Egg filling.  use a sauce pan, pour in water and sugar ( no need to stir ) let it melt down into water syrup and leave sugar syrup to cool. set aside.

5) When the dough is ready, knead it again for one minute and into a long shape, cut the dough into an equal size, make a small round ball to mould the pastry dough easily.

6) take one small round dough, ( keep the tart tin on the table when you mould the parstry into the mould ) lightly press down the pastry and bottom deep with some flour and place the pastry into the mould.

7) Press with your two thumbs, use your index fingers to guide your thumbs and keep the edges nice.  The edge should be slightly higher than the tin. When all done, but aside, it should be 12 egg tarts.

8) Now back to the sugar syrup, after sugar syrup cooled down completely.  Add in milk and eggs into the sugar water and whisk until combine. don't too over beat the egg or it will form bubble.

9) Shift the egg filling to a clean jur or bowl and pour egg filling into the tarts.

10) bake 200c for 15 to 20 mins.  ( Depending on your oven, if ur egg tarts are not cook, u can add more minutes to bake until its done. )

11) Egg tart is ready when the toothpick could hold itself.

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