Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happiness Restaurant @ Nagoya Hill, Batam

01.05.2013 -  Happiness Restaurant, Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall, Batam.  The big Menu shown so many sumptuous chinese food. The specialty at this restaurant is the Roasted Duck.  Will sure be back for this duck next time.  

01.05.2103 - Batam.  We ordered Sweet & Sour Fish, Special Chicken Canton and Claypot seafood beancurd for lunch,  Great place for a great lunch.

01st May is a Labour Day, here in Indonesia is not a public holiday and so as in Brunei :) .  Lucky for the Malaysian! Malaysia is a public holiday for all and its a bonus day off for all.  Well, even though Indonesia has not entitled for this off day, nothing can stop them from taking part for this special day, as Malaysian lying on the bed for a long sleep and Indonesian are out demonstrating in the streets and some other part of the countries are doing the same thing.


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