Friday, May 3, 2013

Dim Sum Cafe Restaurant @ Gadong

03.01.2012 - Dim Sum Cafe Restaurant, Gadong. Brunei.  Served delicious mouth watering dim sum, thumbs up for the siew mai! I find that the siew mai taste so delicious! a bite that reminds me of my childhood time having siew mai somewhere those days! Every bite is a memory.   Not to forget also the har gao, fried yum puff and other were delish too. 

I love the duck kolomee and chicken char siew and steamed chicken rice was so yummy too. All these is a must try food when dine in. Happy Eating!!

Chicken Rice Set with Char Siew Chicken

 Fish Maw Soup

Duck Kolomee

I think i got to give this a 3 thumbs up!! So far taste D Best! sorry foodzone.

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