Monday, May 9, 2011

Breakfast @ Mei Kong Cafe, Bandar, Brunei


Kolomee with Roasted Chicken

Beef Bulalo

01.05.2011 @ Mei Kong Cafe, Bandar Seri Begawan. Mei Kong Cafe located in the middle of the town just next to Big Papa's. It has been established almost 60 years ago. Open its door 365 days from early morning till past office hours.

Mei Kong Cafe used to be our every sunday favourite place for kolomee or chicken rice 4 years ago as it located just a walking distance or by car from the previous Sheraton Hotel ( now Radisson Hotel ) to the town. Since we have left Brunei for good year 2007, our list of considering the BEST kolomee and chicken rice would be forever remembered, never in our life would expect a dream come true to be in Brunei again, but yes, this is not a dream, we really moving back to Brunei again. We are glad to get a second chance to fully enjoy our so called BEST kolomee again for life!

However, with our surprise during our first visit to Mei Kong. The cafe has so much changes! we discover that no more roasted chicken hanging on the food counter from the food that we used to know, but something new to us, is that the smell of beef soup and variety of Filipino food display at the food counter. I asked one of a familiar staff who i recognized her from many years with this cafe was saying to me that only every Sunday they offers a luscious Filipino food mainly cater for Filipino customers from Sunday church. The food do look tempting and delicious.

so on this particular sunday, my hubby thought of trying the soup tulang or i should say its the Filipino Beef Bulalo ( beef bone marrow soup ). Me stick to my favourite kolomee and a chicken porridge for my son. I have no comment on my kolomee, its forever delicious! :) yum yum !! and the soup was flavourful too as well as the porridge was good.

Mei Kong also served a variety of delicious food on the menu and pictures on the wall to choose from any kind of chinese style, nyonya cooking with rice to dimsum & many daily homemade desserts drinks.

Address : 
108, Jln Pemancha, Bandar Seri Begawan 
( next to wisma setia )
Tel : 2240688

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