Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Steamed Garoupa In Plum Sauce & Poached Chicken & Soup

03.05.2011 @ Home Tuaran, Sabah, Msia. Only back home for 3 days, this afternoon decided to cook some good food for lunch with mom. Mom bought a big, fresh & beautiful Garoupa. I decided to steamed the beauty in Plum Sauce and soft Poached Chicken with a flavourful yummy healthy chicken soup. Our family love to cook this during the chinese new year or any big event on the chinese calender. Here are the recipes.

1 whole fresh garoupa
1 stalk of spring onion cut
little coriander leaves
fresh ginger julienne

3 tbsp Plum Sauce
dash of light soya sauce
1 tbsp chicken granule mixed with water stir well.

* clean fish put aside on plate.
* Prepare wok to steamed, put in hot water to wok cover lid and let it boil.
* little salt over fish, and dash of light soya sauce. Spoon plum sauce over fish all over, add chopped ginger inside fish and outside. Mixed in chicken granule.
* When wok is ready for steam, open lid and place the fish into wok, let it steamed for 10 minutes, check if fish is cooked through ( depending on size of the fish ) sprinkle spring onion and off fire, closed lid for future 5 minutes.
* Just before served, pour a spoonful of hot shallot oil on top and sprinkle coriander leaves/parsley & crispy fried shallots. ( you can however sprinkle some fried garlic too ).
* served hot with rice.


1 whole chicken ( free range chicken )

6-7 pcs fresh shitaki mushroom
1/2 carrot finely sliced

6-10 pcs dried scallops

5-8 pcs red dates

1 pcs dried tai dao choi ( mainly for cooking soup for flavour )

1 canned green peas

corriander leaves/ parsley finely chopped

* Rinse chicken drain well and pat dry.
* Rub some salt all over the chicken skin.
* Marinate about 10 to 15 minutes.
* Prepare a pot just enough to fit the whole chicken, pour in water to pot add in red dates, tai dao choi, mushroom, carrot & scallops and bring to boil.
* Put chicken into a pot of boiling water, cover and bring to boil once more for 2-3 minutes. Off fire and soak the chicken into hot water for another 45 minutes till cooked.
* Dish up chicken and keep the broth to turn into chicken clear soup.
* Soack chicken into cool water/ice water immediately for 20 minutes until cool. Remove and drain.
* Cut chicken into desire pieces.
* On fire, let the clear chicken broth to boil, add in canned green peas and add salt to taste. served hot with chicken & sprinkle with chopped corriander leaf / parsley before served.

Happy Cooking !!

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