Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuaran Chicken Rice Restaurant, Sabah

Ice Nescafe / Nescafe Ping!

Delicious Watan Ho.

Not so delicious Tuaran Mee. Sorry to say but Tuaran Tai Fatt Restaurant served the best
fried tuaran mee especially the stir-fried wet tuaran mee with beef.

03.05.2011 - Tuaran Chicken Rice Restaurant @ Tuaran, Sabah. ( located abot 45 mins drive from KK )

The 2nd time here and it was a disappointment to all from food to services. seems like we are the earliest customers that day. we we ordered 2 plates of the authentic Tuaran fried mee both seafood and a plate of Watan ho seafood for mom. 2 plates of Tuaran mee came out with one wrong order.  I ordered seafood and came out with chicken, thats not it, the fish fillet they used was a smelling fishing and spoiled. Talking about the taste of the famous tuaran noodle.  I have been eating Tuaran Noodle for my whole life, this plate of fried Tuaran Noodle definitely not up to my expectation!  is not that im fussy but i know how's the real delicious tauran taste like.  I have been eating tuaran for my whole childhood life to adult in Tuaran for about 20years.  That plate of tuaran mee they served me, had non of that "wok" aromatic smell, can't smell the noodle, definitely a bad dish.

Tuaran Mee such an important and famous dish that represent Tuaran District.  well, not only represent tuaran district.  almost most of the tourist will be recommended to try tuaran noodle even in KK area.  I hope the noodle will always be cooked with that standard consistency like Tai Fatt restaurant (non halal restaurant, where i found the BEST fried tuaran noodle in tuaran town that no others could beat them ).

No more Tuaran Noodle for me at this restaurant for sure, there are plenty of good and delicious fried Tuaran mee around Tuaran Town. so, i will not be back for more, thats for sure. My order of nescafe gau2 kurang manis came out with just a normal nescafe not "gau" enough. However, the watan ho wasn't bad at all, very yummy indeed! is one of my favourite dish of all time. The whole meal cost RM20.20

Address : Tuaran Town. Sabah.

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