Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dinner @ Muti'ah Restaurant, Brunei

05.05.2011 @ Muti'ah Restaurant, Kiulap. Brunei. $5.00 buffet anyone?! so shocking cheap!! We never know $5.00 buffet exist in town, in fact there are 4 restaurants located in the same block that offers the same price for dinner, well except for Aiko Jpn Rest. buffet cost $6.00, a dollar more.

When we walk past that block, we saw all 4 restaurants were almost fully occupied with big and small families alike. I have no doubt that it must be the bruneians malay big family favourite eating place. So we just went into one of the 4 restaurants. We thought of trying Muti'ah Restaurant first and the rest well be some other day. Attractive price with quiet a lot of variety, well i can say that food served worth of $5.00, so no complains.

Who wish to have a quick meal like us, or looking for value for money eating out or would like to dine with big big family or have small function, here might be the right place for you.

Address : 1st unit, same block with Aiko Sushi, Kiulap or a building that behind fitness zone kiulap.

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