Sunday, May 8, 2011

2nd Year Mother's Day 2011, Brunei

08th May 2011 @ Vanda Chinese Restaurant, The Orchid Garden Hotel, Brunei. Celebrating my 2nd year Mother's Day, having Dim Sum Lunch.

The place fulled of big families, guess every where is full for today. The Dim Sum buffet was awesome anyway! so much varieties and choices. i think i did not touch almost half the food at the buffet line. there are too much to see and eat. i have the most with the steamed har gau, and other steamed dim sum, little bit of each deep-fried item the fried pau, wu kok, glutinous rice in lotus leave, chee cheong fun, fried bread with prawns spread, fried beancurd skin with stuffing, pieces of roasted duck & chicken, rojak, little kueh & sea coconut & longan for my desserts. skip all the heavy food like rice/noodles/veg? oppss.../porridge/some many meat item and so many desserts too :( can't fit in all......

Thanks to my hubby the wonderful Mother's Day lunch. I really have a great time.

Address : Vanda Chinese Restaurant, Orchid Garden Hotel, Anggrek Desa, Jln Berakas, BSB
Operation Hours : 7 am - 2pm, 6pm - 10pm ( Tuesday - Sundy )
Vanda Sunday Buffet Dim Sum : 8am - 2pm

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