Monday, May 9, 2011

Aqil Shafiee Thai Food Restaurant, Jerudong Brunei

Mango Fish Fillet

TOm Yam Soup

Papaya Salad

Stirfried Beef with Basil

07.05.2011 @ Aqil Shafiee Thai Food Restaurant, Jerudong. Brunei. One of the many thai food restaurant that offer some delicious authentic Thai cuisines. Tonight is the Mother's Day i expected to be packed with diners and it was so true. This is our 2nd time here and as always every table full of customers, service staff are super busy in and out.

Order my favourite dishes, the Som Tom- the Papaya Thai salad, Tom Yam Kung, Mango Fish Fillet & Stir-fried beef with Green Capsicum & Thai sweet basil, we have lime juice, apple juice & hot tea.

Food was great but i was little disappointed with the fish fillet quality. Its a little too hard and chewy. I should stick to my first choice of having the whole fish instead of fillet!! i wonder what happen to the fillet? it wasn't fresh or it has been fried and kept too long ... i suggested that whoever order the meant to be whole fish dishes, don't go for fish fillet. Whole fish always satisfying. Its my first time with fillets though.... cos I thought of having a big whole fish for two person is a little too much for that night.

Address : Aqil Shafiee Thai Restaurant, Jerudong Brunei. ( some block with HSBC Jerudong)

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