Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1 Market by Chef Wan @ Plaza Singapore

09.01.2013 - Singapore.  At Plaza Singapore, we were so hungry, go around the foodcourt was so packed during Lunch time.  So we decide to try the talk of the town new restaurant 1Market by ChefWan.  Owned by the no. 1 Malaysia celebrity Chef Wan, wao, we are so proud of course.  I am a big fans of Chef Wan, i am so excited to be in his restaurant and try his creation.  

Lucky it was a clear line however the restaurant was so packed as well. We were fortunate to get us a table for 4.  Long queue at all buffet station.  A great food choice of varieties, so much to eat but nothing suitable for my almost 3 years old son except for some satay meat and some pumpkin tempura.  Almost all main course served are spicy.  Im too busy feeding my son, didn't get to eat want i like, we finished whatever we took on the table :) no wastage!! LOL.. 

We were sited near Grilled Station.  It was a long queue! many hungry customers are not happy and not patience, i saw one unhappy lady waited for her satays angrily talked to the cook who was busily grilling satays on his station.  A Few second later, she look pissed off went back to her table, i think the cook must be rude answering her, lol...

Anyway, the satay worth the wait, super good and worth to eat a plate full! Overall i give a 9/10 :P  

Overall the food was good and satisfying. Lunch Adult - $23.80, Child - $12.80 

1 MARKET by Chef Wan

Restaurant and Malaysian Restaurant in Singapore
#04-45-49 Plaza Singapura (68 Orchard Road)

Satay seriously good! eat more of this!! lol

My son photographer, he is coming to 3yrs old

Lunch time this place is full, looks like foodcourt.

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