Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lunch @ Signature Foodcourt KLCC.

19.02.2013 - Signature Foodcourt, KLCC.  Signature foodcourt is packed and so as the long queue at every outlets.  I don't want to miss the yummy kolomee whenever im here.  This is my 2nd time i had this wanton noodle / kolomee with chicken char siu.  Really so delicious.  The egg noodle so fine and taste just wonderful!

Not to mentioned next to this outlet, is the Chicken Rice.  I ordered for my son, a set of chicken rice with free drink.  The rice and roasted chicken really tasted wonderful!

My hubby went for indian food as always, he loves indian food and do i. The tandoori and naan bread look fantastic!! Here are some pictures.

Look at my son Happy Face!! :) I remember he had diarrhea but he still can smile!


Opus T. Penguin said...

You can tell that he is really enjoying it.

Jess said...

He as actually having stomach upset, but he always look cheerful..hahah.... funny boy!

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