Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Crispy Fried Chicken

2009 Vanuatu.  Port Vila, I have finally found and created my very owned fried chicken ingredients! It all started when i was missing deep fried chicken at fast food restaurant like KFC or Ayamku whatever deepfried chicken that is i had.

Living in Vanuatu has no fast food chain or have i ever seen selling fried chicken.   so the only way is to make my own.  i had tried a few recipes, do experiment,  I attempt failed and only the 3rd attempt was a success.

My crispy fried chicken is not only crispy in the outside but juicy inside out.  The aroma smell when deepfrying just took your breath away!!  this can be smell far away according to my husband when he on his way home! he could smell my chicken from the kitchen.

Im so please with this recipe.  so delicious!  Until today, i am still using this recipe for my deepfried chicken to serve my son, guests and they just love it!

Marinate Ingredients and chicken parts of your choice:-
meggi chicken granules,
1 egg, lemon juice,
Dry herb- Tarragon,
light soya sauce,
garlic powder / chop garlic. ( used chop garlic )

* poke chicken meat with fork and marinate for 1/2 hours or longer.

Mixing Flour Ingredients:-
All purpose flour
Meggi chicken granules
White Pepper
Very mild Chili Powder product of franch, or Paprika powder ( just a few dash )
Black Pepper

Method :

Mixed marinated chicken with flour and deepfried with medium heat fire.

When turn golden brown, dish up and served with a special dipping sauce made of chopped thai chili, dash of salt and calamansi juice. Simply delicious!!

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