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Sundanese Ayam Bakar

17.11.2012 - Batam. Was great to have my MIL here in Batam. A short visit though. When we were in Jakarta she always cook us Sundanese Ayam Bakar and she mastered this dish. My MIL is Sundanese Indonesian. Now since she's here. It's my turn to cook her her Sundanese Ayam bakar.. 

We all love Sundanese Ayam Bakar. She gave me her recipe and i saw how she cooked. so is time to show her my version of Sundanese Ayam Bakar. Its really a pleasure cooking for her and it is good to have her to see how i cook to correct me.

There are many types of Ayam Bakar in Indonesia. Sundanese Ayam Bakar is very easy to cook. first step you need to stew the chicken and when its cooked, then grill it with a Grilling Pan to finish it up. In this process, BBQ grill with charcoal can be used, i don't advise to cook this in the oven. it will turn out differently, as this is a traditional style of dish.  so to use open fire is the best way.
Ayam bakar pan can get easy around indonesia. This is a very well known dish in this country, they made Ayam Bakar Pan specified for Ayam Bakar cooking. My mother in law type was different from mine, i bought a different type to try which is better. its about the same result. If u get find one, just need cook on top of the bbq grilled done.

Sundanese Ayam Bakar - My M-In Law Recipe.
ingredients 4 chicken thigh ( if u use less chcken, reduce the ingredients ) fresh ginger ( about thumb size ) or ginger powder lengkuas ( double thumb size ) or lengkuas powder shallots 2pcs ( blend or finely chopped ) garlic 15pcs ( blend or finely chopped ) asam keping 1pc cenke 5 pcs kayu manis 1or 2 pcs short star anise 1pc serai 1pc daun salam 3 or 4 pcs salt chicken granules Indonesia kicap manis cooking margerin

METHOD 1) clean the chicken put in a big bowl. Add in blended the garlic and shallots, ginger, lengkuas, asam keping, cengke, kayu manis, star anise, serai and daun salam, add salt & chicken granules all in the bowl and mix well with hand for 5 mins. Keep it marinate for 1 hour or 2.
2) Heat wok or pan, put little bit vegy oil add in marinated chicken. Let it brown from one side and turn to another. until both side are equally brown, make sure chicken skin not to stick on the wok or pan, and add about 2 cups of water and cover with lid, let it cook slowly.
3) about 5 mins turn chicken and cook again few mins until water almost try. andd in kicap manis about 3 tbsp. add little water so as it wont burn continue cooking till the chicken all in black color and water almost dry up. off fire.
4) transfer chicken to a bowl. and with a brush / spoon, in the butter/margerine on the chicken equally for bbq it. Let the chicken sit for 10 mins. and ready to be bbq
5) and the last step is bbq/ open fire grill is the best way to cook this recipe. since the chicken already cooked, the grill process just to make the chicken more aromatic and with nice burn from the grill/bbq. so once it is brown nicely, dish up and served.

the best way to eat this with hot rice, Homemade Sambal, kemangi and perhaps some raw petai to boost up the dish! :P

Happy cooking.

This sambal pound with stone mortar ( refer to sambal recipe )

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