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Poached Duck with Mandarin Orange Peel Soup & Vinegar Ginger Dipping Sauce

12.11.2012 - Batam.  Poached whole duck with Mandarin Orange Peel Soup & Vinegar Ginger Dipping sauce is my Mom's classic signature dish! 

Our family just love this dish, the Mandarin Peel Soup is so refreshing and so as the Vinegar Ginger dipping sauce, with that sour, spicy from ginger and sweetness from sugar taste just a great combination with the beautiful poached duck.  I remember we ate this only occasionally on special event. 

I know this pic of poached whole duck doesn't really looks appealing, 

but the taste just magic!!  

Poached Duck and Soup
clean duck put aside.


Fill a pot of water to boil, while boiling,

put in 3 or 4 red dates,

a thumb size of preserved salted veg ( tai tio choi ) for soup.

add in a few dried mushroom ( already soaked and cleaned ) if u like dried mushroom you can add more as you like.,

add in 1 whole cleaned dried mandarin orange peels. ( dried mandarin orange skin already been dried under the sun for a month or so until completely dried and make sure your orange peel no mould on it. ) If you wish a stronger orange smell and taste, you may add more orange peels. i love orange peels, i add about 1 and 1/2 peels in the soup! smells heaven!!!

Now cook the soup til boiling stage, add in whole duck. Let it cook for 45mins and gradually slow down the fire, so depending on your size of the duck, slowly cook until duck is cooked through.
When duck is cooked, dish up and put aside. chop the whole duck when its totally cool or warm and plating time.

Back to the soup, bring the soup to a boil, add in taste salt, chicken granules and little bit oyster sauce to taste.

pile and grated fresh ginger about half a small rice bowl and add vinegar about the same level of the amount of ginger and add sugar until you get that sweetness and the spiciness of the ginger and sourness of the vinegar consistency. these 3 sauce should taste exactly happening with the duck at the same time when you eat. This is it for the sauce. Very delicious with the duck. Unfortunately i forgotten to take picture of the Vinegar Ginger Dipping Sauce.
Happy cooking

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