Friday, September 20, 2013

First Homemade Kaya ( Coconut Egg Jam )

25.01.2013 - I love homemade Kaya.  Interestingly i wanna try making one myself this time!   Never make one before in my life, its quite challenging to me.  Have been watching so many Kaya making on Youtube, looks easy but need patience.  Gather a few recipes from google and created my own combined with the correct steps from youtube.  steps definitely by watching youtube helps alot. and im ready to go!

175g sugar = 12 tbsp ( half caster sugar and half palm sugar )
250ml coconut milk
3 pandan leafs
5 eggs ( 3 whole eggs & 2 yolks )



melt palm sugar with a table spoon of water on sauce pan. let it cool

heat water for double boiler.

beat in 3 whole eggs and 2 yolks and coconut milk whisk with baloon whisk till combine

When melted palm sugar already cool down, add sugar into eggs mixture with a whisk constantly stir until well combine.

Strain the mixture into a clean bowl that will be used for double bowl, make sure no lumps from egg whites or palm sugar.

add in pandan leaves to egg mixture. put the bowl on the double boiler.  keep stirring until the mixture has become thicken and start curdles up. don't worry,  the sign that your kaya is ready.

Discard the pandan leaves and pour cooked kaya into a hand blender and blend 1 to 2 second only the kaya will become very smooth.

Put aside let it set and cool and transfer into a clean jar!

Kaya can keep up to 2 weeks in the fridge.

 beat in 3 whole eggs and 2 york and beat/ whisk with hand

 Get Pandan leaf ready 

 Melt Palm Sugar / Gula melaka with some warm water

 Mixed in 4tbsp caster sugar mix well and add in coconut milk and add in melted palm sugar.  pour into the standless bowl strain the mixture.  add in pandan leaves. put into the double boiler.  

 put into the double boiler.  keep stiring until the mixture 

 stir until kaya start curdling and it is about to ready

 Not to worry when you see this condition. 

 Transfer to a hand blender and blend it for few minutes 

 The curdling kaya now has become a smooth kaya!!

 Transfer to a air tight Jar or container

This kaya is so delicious, very delicious with toast bread and butter!! 
Can't believe is that easy and i successfully execute it! and so good and delicious! 

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