Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tanjung Aru Foodcourt @ Tj. Aru Beach

06.02.2013 -  KK, Sabah.  If you're in town, don't forget to experience the open air foodcourt hawker outlets eateries at Tj. Aru.

This is famous with all kinds of food from snack food like sotong tumbuk, fresh cut fruits, preserved fruit, titbits, steamed sweet corn, steamed peanuts, local made crackers, sugar cane drink, fresh coconut juice, all kinds of fresh fruit juice and stir-fried noodle, rice, grilled seafood either in chinese, western or malay style and the gilled chicken wings is a must try as there are plenty of stalls that selling grilled chicken wings, its all about your luck to pick the delicious one!. When you see grilled chicken wings, you will see grilled satays.  But however, I don't recommend satays thought, as i had a bad experienced. But if u don't mind you can go ahead a give it a try.

To be honest, this time i felt like it is the worst grilled satays that i have ever tasted.  usually i have no complaints about satays. but I think this time is far worse, im so disappointed with every bites.  The satays so chewy and it taste like overnight unsold satays and heated for sell again the next day. It is tasteless too. seriously i won't buy this anymore. but i would go for the grilled chicken.  The grilled chickens are acceptable, edible and taste good....

There is a Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Cafe, Bar and western restaurant located just next to this foodcourt. Should you love some privacy and better quality food.  Dine at one of these outlets.

As this place is located at the beach, people love hanging around during night and early evening.

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