Monday, September 16, 2013

No Bake Oreo Cheesecake

15.09.2013 - Batam.  My husband loves Cheesecake.  He requested to make cheesecake, so i try out this easy No Bake Oreo Cheesecake, I think is the most convenient, easiest way to enjoy your own cheesecake.

I have never make a cheesecake before either the chilled or the baked cheesecake.  and so i google to get and comparing No bake oreo cheesecake recipes.  Well, I always hope i pick the right recipe and at the same time, I check my pantry if i have the ingredients available and so here, i got this recipe from "Tested and Tasted" blog.

Below recipe i post is her recipe, I did alot of adjustment, because some ingredients are not available.  Here are the ingredients i used for my oreo cheesecake  U may read the PURPLE font is my measurement for this cake.  but the result is satisfying. only that i found it a little too soft.  This recipe needed to be adjusted and perhaps have to add a little more gelatine. i have to make the cheesecake again once more and find out myself.

This is a chilled cheese cake, no bake needed. so you don't have to think and worry your cheesecake gonna fail.

Overall I am happy with this No Bake Oreo Cheesecake, although i don't have this and that but i managed to pulled the cheesecake together! Horey!! This recipe is good to keep! if u think making chilled / no bake cheesecake is difficult, then think again! :P

Ingredients for an 6" OREO Cheesecake

Biscuit Base:
*60 gr crushed OREO cookies (with no cream, however, the cream to be used for the filling) ( i used 55gm or about 12 pcs of oreo cookies without cream & crushed )
*25 gr butter, melted ( i used 2 sliced of hard butter, melted it become 4 tbsp of butter, i used up all on the based )

*250 gr cream cheese, room temperature
*80 gr caster sugar plus 'the cream removed from the cookies used for the biscuit base' ( i used only 80gm of sugar no oreo cookies cream added )
*1.5 tsp of gelatin powder, melted in 45 gr of boiling water ( i used 1 1/2 tsp gelatin + 2tbsp of warm water) Instead of following my measurement, i suggest to use 2tsp gelatin + 2tsp warm water.
*1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice ( i didn't used lemon juice )
*100 ml dairy whipping cream, whipped ( i used 125ml = 1cup of cream )
*50 gr crushed OREO cookies in big chunk

Extra OREO cookies, roughly chopped for topping. ( i crushed few oreo cookies without cream for topping ) 

- Grease and line with parchment and plastic wrap an 6" spring form pan.
- For the base : In a large bowl, combine the melted butter with the crushed OREO cookies and mix well. Then press the mixture on to the base of the 6" spring form cake pan. Place in the fridge to chill for at least an half an hour.
- For the filling : Beat the cream cheese and sugar till mixture is nice and smooth.
- Add the gelatin mixture and lemon juice mix well. Then gently fold in the whipping cream, follow by the OREO cookie chunks.
- Gently pour the cream cheese mixture into the cake pan and let chill for at least few hours before serve.


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