Monday, September 16, 2013

3 Ingredients Chocolate Ice Cream

12.09.2013 - Batam.  We love Ice Cream.  Recently we have been eating quite alot of ice cream. So i thought of trying to make my own ice cream instead.

So i got this recipe simply easy. Just 3 ingredient No churn Chocolate Ice Cream by "Eugenie Kitchen". Credit all goes to her creation.  I always check on her recipes and watch her videos at Youtube.  She has been posted so many of her ice cream recipes during summer and i did not pay much attention of her recipes until i need one :P thanks to her for a wonderful ice cream recipe.

This recipe need no ice cream maker or machine and it is super easy! So for you who have no ice cream machine no need to worry how to make a quick, easy and delicious ice cream. Just follow this recipe and the next day or 6 hours later you will enjoy a lucious and rich creamy, and best of all NO Churn ice cream straight from your own kitchen without failing you!

½ cup + 2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk (150ml)
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder * (45ml)
1 cup heavy cream (36%+ milk fat whipping cream) (240ml)
* Revised. Add 7 tablespoons like the video if you want dark brown color and don’t mind bitterness of cocoa powder.

*First, pour ½ cup and 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk in a bowl and sift in 3 tablespoons of    cocoa powder. And stir until combined. And sift in remaining 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder and whisk until homogeneously mixed. It is pretty thick.
*Then whisk 1 cup of heavy cream until stiff.
*Transfer a whiskful of whipped cream into cocoa milk mixture and stir until well mixed. Doing this, the batter should be thinned out.
*Then pour cocoa milk mixture into whipped cream all at once and fold until combined. Be careful not to break whipped cream. This is a way of mixing thick batter into lighter mixture.
*Now transfer the batter into a container and cover with a plastic wrap. Then freeze for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Enjoy and Happy cooking!

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