Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thai Pandan Chicken

Half a chicken
few pcs of Pandan Leaf
tooth pick( bamboo stick )
oil for deep-frying

4 garlic finely chopped
thumb size ginger, finely chopped
salt & pepper dash
chicken powder dash
1tbsp dark soya sauce
2tbsp oyster sauce
1tbsp coriander seed/powder
dash of fish sauce
1tsp pandan paste
40g coconut milk

* clean chicken, cut into pcs with bones.
* mixed chicken with marinade for 3 hours.
* Wrap chicken pieces with pandan leaf and secure with bamboo stick/tooth pick.
* Heat up oil for deep-frying. Make sure deep-frying chicken with high heat. Once oil is hot enough, reduce heat to medium. Use tongs to place the chicken in the oil. If the oil splatters or "pops", try reducing the heat or adding a little sea salt to the oil. deep-fried till golden brown, dish and drain. served hot with rice.

Happy Cooking!!

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