Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cantonese Cuisine Lunch @ Li Gong, The Empire Hotel Brunei

02.04.2011 @ Li Gong, The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brunei. Lunch in China, today as if the restaurant was closed down just for us. Good for deedat freely cruising around by himself.

We have Cantonese cuisine, the Hot & Sour Szechuan Soup, one of my husband's favourite soup, the taste just simply re-freshing with the hot & sour flavour goes with a well cooked prawn & scallop to bite on it at the same time. our 2nd dish is my favourite, the Steamed Cod Fish with homemade Sambal, one of the BEST dish i love among all. I don't mind to have this again and again on my next visits. cos it is so good! Stuffed Fish Maw Minced Prawns Topped with crab meat sauce is one of the premium dish on the table. Another yummy dish of my all time favourite the Salad Prawns with mayonnaise and lastly the Sauteed Fried beef with Hongkong Kailan go so well with rice. Oh...YES!! i almost forgot about the homemade SAMBAL!! wao! the sambal was good!!! don't ever forgot to ask for the sambal. Its the best. .... and Im a rice lover, I can't go anything without rice! :)

Address : The Empire Hotel and Country Club, Li Gong Chinese Restaurant.
Tel: + 673 241 8888 ext. 1188
Open Daily : Lunch : 1130am-3pm ( Fri-Sat),
Dinner :6:30pm-10:30pm ( tues-sun ),
Brunch : 10:30am-2:30pm ( sun )

Overall is a great lunch experience.

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