Friday, April 29, 2011

Warung Italia, Bali

01.11.2006 @ Warung Italia, Seminyak, Bali. Heard so much about this place from our friend in Bali. Its one of the MOST DINE warung in town. So don't miss this place if you're in BALI! The warung actually located at the hub of upscale and bars & restaurant areas, so be prepared to bring some extra cash for your bill and not exception at this warung too, so don't be surprised to see your bill at the end of your meal.

Our friend who brought us to this warung told us that the italian food was so good & most of all, it's so original cooked by the italian chefs who owns the warung. So we went, strolling around the area before we reach the warung.

My first impression was the seated area very warm & cozy, and it was lunch time, the warung was quite packed with foreign faces, tourists and locals. We head to the buffet counter, where they served an array selection of italian cuisine from the colorful green, purple & red salad to the main course of green cooked vegy, eggs, meat & pasta variation. food looks incredible delicious! I really enjoy every single bites. Very much satisfied with the food i chose. Look forward to dine here again during my next visits in Bali.

Address : Warung Italia, Jl. Kunti #2, Seminyak.
Tel : (0361) 737437

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