Saturday, April 23, 2011

Penang Famous Teowchew Chendol, Ice kacang & Laksa

18.02.2011 @ Famous Teowchew Chendul & Ice kacang, jln Keng Kwee, Penang. Heard so much about this place, yes, finally we found it, situated not for from where we stayed the cititel hotel. It was a long Q at the famous teowchew chedul & ice kacang stall, the stall not far from it eatery place, the first unit in turquoise color shop. As it was so famous with the Penang Laksa here, we wouldn't want to miss the laksa too. gosh....when i had my first spoonful of laksa, the first thing i want to say is......a wao! fantastico!! immediately i fell in love with it! it was so good! the soup taste of fresh fish, could taste the torch flower so sharp too, taste of mint, everything just well mixed making it delicious! just love it. never had a bowl of good asam laksa before and this is so over the top! Immediately I become a big fan of asam laksa here at this place.

This place has never slow down, always full of customers from all over the countries, people are queuing for the ice kacang, waiting for the laksa, group of tourists comes and go. business was so good, specially the chendul sometimes could sold out by 4pm. I bet not only me a big fan of laksa, chendul & ice kacang, this place has been a famous place for artists like poh chu kang & irene! hahaha...and yummy king food programme and lots more that i don't recognize. this place surely the talk of the town, one of penang food that everyone most try. what more can i say, inside the restaurant, they have all over the wall with their awards, certificates, best food recognization,photo of local & overseas artists & singers, and not to mentioned some big shots & politicians.

The very next day, we went back the 2nd time for that mouth watering Penang Asam Laksa! This time we puas2 makan not only the Asam Laksa, chendul, ice-kacang, fruit rojak!!! I think it was the best food so far i had in Penang, superb!!! thumbs up for the Laksa, its a dish to die for! yum yum...

Penang Asam Laksa is a rice noodles gravy soup made of fish based gravy topped with mint leave, sliced cucumber, sliced pineapple, sliced onion, fresh bird eye chili sliced and sprinkle with little torch ginger flower ( bunga kantan ) and lastly served with a spoonful of prawn paste sauce. would love to make this myself someday.

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