Monday, April 25, 2011

Fluffy Pancake

Pancake anyone? no? yes? .....don't imagine this is your flat and boring pancake on the plate, this is no disastrous flat pancake! this is a fluffy pancake is as good as it looks. Fluffy pancake is more lighter, softer, and fluffier. The basic recipe is about the same like other pancake recipe but fluffy pancake batter is more airy and it raises more when it cooked..

5 tbsp plain flour
250ml fresh milk & bubbly mineral water.
1tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
1tbsp sugar
1tsp - cooking oil/melted butter

* dry ingredients - remember to shift the flour.
* bowl, add in shifted flour, add in sugar, baking powder.
* separate egg yolk & white. set aside. Add in egg yolk to dry ingredients and follow with milk, melted butter. mix well and
* Beat egg white till soft peak. Add in egg white into batter.  Mix well and is ready to cook.
* Heat non-stick pan, very low medium fire, scope 1 spoonful batter into pan, let it cook slowly till batter bubble on top means turn on the other side and let it cook throughly, brown color and its done.

Happy cooking!

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