Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tabebuia Rosea Blossom, Brunei

20.04.2011 @ Armada Executive Housing Rimba, Kg. Rimba, Brunei. Now.....who says only Japan & Korea have blossoms during spring?! In Brunei or Malaysia have too! I'm sure many of us very familiar with this beautiful cherry blossoms alike plants all over highway, housing areas or some commercial area. Yes this is the tropical version of Cherry tree, it is the " Tabebuia Rosea ".

This tree only blooms once a year. love this tree when it blooms, waiting all the leaf to fall and there we have it, a beautiful cherry blossom tree alike. I am very lucky to see this everyday just right in front of our apartment master bedroom window & another tree just near our guestroom . this tree planted around the housing area where we stayed. now it is the blossom season ( spring time now in other 4 seasons countries ), all trees are about to fully blooms. can't get my camera off the tree everytime i see them. so charming and beautiful.

The blossom comes in various color, but here we only have the pink one. there are yellow, purple and white color. White color can be found along jalan Istana high way, and pink ones just along the high way to the beautiful when all blooms. can't wait to see them all in colors.

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