Monday, April 25, 2011

Tandoori Naan, Tandoori Chicken, Bryani Rice & Roti Kosong, Penang

Kedai Kopi Yasmeen or Nasi Kendar Yasmeen @ Penang Road, Penang. located beside the famous 24Hours Line Clear Nasi Kendar. so if u happen to find 24 hours line clear Nasi Kendar, you will see Yasmeen just next door. This is happened to us when we were actually looking for the famous 24 hours line clear Nasi Kendar and saw Yasmeen.

We were about to dine at 24 hours Line Clear but something caught our eyes! guess what?! it was the red and juicy tandoori chickens that skewered and hanged deliciously infront our we thought to have it a try and decided to have Nasi Kendar for supper later. We ordered Tandoori chicken, tandoori naan, bryani rice and roti kosong. They all look as good as it taste. We went back for the Tandoori 3 days in a roll! believe it or not?

The Tandoori Naan bread is fresh, hot & soft. good to go with the tandoori chicken. The tandoori Naan cooking with a tandoor oven really does make the difference. I seldom see a normal Indian kopi tiam has a tandoor oven, but Yasmeen does. They used the tandoor oven to cook tandoori chicken & naan bread. Tandoor oven is made of clay, simply air dried. the oven throws out a ferocious heat, this bread is traditionally cooked on the side wall of the oven where the heat is only slightly less than in the center. For the tandoori chicken, the chicken was skewered and slowly charcoal burnt and cooked in high temperature to perfection. then the chicken will be reheated once more when you order. Taste so good along with the naan bread, the tandoori chicken served with onion pickles, homemade cilantro sauce, chili sauce & few slices of lemon. thumbs up for the tandoori naan & chicken. the best ever. The roti kosong & bryani rice both delicious too.

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