Sunday, December 22, 2013

All You Can Eat DimSum @ Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant, Pacific Palace Hotel Batam

Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant
Pacific Palace Hotel (Jl. Duyung, Sei Jodoh)BatamKepulauan Riau 29432

15.12.2013 - Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant @ Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam.  All You Can Eat Dim Sum served every Saturday Night and Sunday only.  Most of all its Halal Dimsum.  See above serving Time Schedule.  Its really worth it.  

It's out 2nd time for Sunday Dimsum.  The dimsum steamed and hot items are quite a variety and delicious too.  So far is the best in town.  Here share you some of our dimsum we ate! :) So yummilicious. and i should have post the 1st time we dine here too, more delicious food.  I love the fried chicken wings, but too bad this time they didn't serve that. 


Sesame Balls & Chicken Char Siew Pao

Braised Duck wings 


Dumplings with Chili Oil

Beancurd Soup

Wanton Noodle Soup

Jelly Fish with Szechuan Sauce

Crepe with Strawberry Ice Cream

1st scoop!

 2nd scoop!! haaa....

 3rd time go for 2 scoops!! so yummy! 

 Crepe with Ice Cream, Wanton Soup Noodle & Nasi Lemak Station

 Porridge Condiments

 Porridge Station

  Vietnamese Spring ROll

 Deepfried Wanton

 Deepfried Beancurd Roll 

 Deepfried Spring Rolls with Curry Fillings

 Sesame Balls with Red Bean Filling

 Braised Duck Feet & Wings 

 Deepfried Eggplants

 Stirfried Glass Noodle

 Stirfried Kway Teow

 Jelly Fish with Szechuan Sauce



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