Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mee Ayam @ Batu Besar, Batam

24.11.2013 - Batu Besar, Batam.  Mee Ayam perhaps is the most famous and common street food that you could find through out Indonesia.  But basically you can find Mee Ayam just in any fancy to lower class of restaurants.  

Mee Ayam is made of egg noodle that served with a braised diced chicken cooked with chicken stock, garlic, sesame oil and light soya.  This can simply eat during breakfast, brunch, lunch, late afternoon or dinner or anytime of the day.

At batu besar beside the fresh market, there is a small stall that selling so far for us is the best Mee Ayam at this area.  My son love the pangsit / like crackers that served on top of Mee Ayam.  Delicious. 

Mee Ayam

He loves the pangsit

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