Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lunch @ Kampoeng Sambal 2nd time, Nagoya Hill Shpg Mall, Batam.

13.11.2013 - Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam.  Kampoeng Sambal is a new restaurant in town.  The concept of indonesia sambal.  Served a wide selection of main course from stir-fried vegetables, to deepfried fish, ayam bakar, seafood, salted fish, chicken dishes and some great choice of starters or Lalapan and not to forget a great selection of Sambal.

Kampoeng Sambal

Indonesian Restaurant and Restaurant
Komplek Nagoya Hill Superblock (Jalan Teuku Umar, Nagoya), 
Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam,Kepulauan Riau

 Some firing spicy sambal selection

An array of Sambals selection

 Ayam Bakar

 Tumis Cumi Tinta 

 Perkedel  Kentang

 Ayam Goreng Kremes

 Tempe Bacam 

 Terung Belado

 Satay Udang

 Satay Telur 

 Ikan Tongkol Belado

 Pepes Tahu 

Ayam Cabe Hijau 

 My food! Ayam Bakar, Pepes Tafu, Lalapan and Durian Sambal

 Stir-fried Kankung Terasi

 Ladies & Gentleman! This is ..........DURIAN Sambal!!! can u believe is durian, durian sambal....soooo firing HOT people!! is not my type of sambal...duh 

Happy Face with his food :)

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