Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Best Es Cendol in Town!! Nagoya Hill, Batam.

The BEST Es Cendol in town, Yes, this is how i called it.  This stall is located at 1st flr just opposite KFC.  it is very easy to spot.  We have been eating this cendol for many times.  I tell myself i need to write and post this Cendol on my blog to share to everyone in this world, that i still can get a decent and generous portion of Cendol.  Nowadays, you can hardly find a generous portion of cendol like this in a restaurant that cost more, and for this Cendol, only cost me Rp15,000 

Not only that i am very satisfied with the cendol portion, i am very much satisfied with the whole bowl of cendol with the even taste of the gula java, red beans and the coconut milk that blend together, making this cendol taste to the top.  This is what i called the Best Cendol! 

Other than Cendol, they also serve a varietion of fruit desserts too. But i never tried them, because i am too into Cendol so no space for others. LOL.

 Remember this stall, is the best Cendol in Town

Read what the slogan says " The Only One" probably it means " The One & Only" haaa.....well, that explains everything! :) 

 Sweet and delicious red beans

 In the Cendol!! OMG....i love this part..look at how big portion is that she scoop!  :)

 Look at that lovely little cuteness of Cendol!! 

 Add in Coconut Milk

 This Cendol I give 10 x thumbs up!!! Just look at the portion and that much of Cendol.  This is alot of cendol!! Not only that i can eat the cendol every spoonful into my mouth, i can taste everything evenly well, the gula java, red beans, the coconut milk, the balance of mixture just beautiful!!.  

I don't think me or you could get this much elsewhere!!  No way for sure, other place is too stingy with the cendol and everything.  This portion of Cendol only cost Rp15,000, is so worth it!

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