Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lunch @ Grand Duck Restaurant, Nagoya Batam.

27.11.2013 - You will see alot of post in this restaurant.  Grand Duck Restaurant is our ultimate favourite chinese restaurant in town.   Whenever we are in Nagoya Mall, we quite often end up our lunch here.  

How i love the food here because they served some selection of dim sum even thought it isn't that much choice but at least i can have both the dim sum as starter and the variety of main course to go along.   The food here is superb, simply delicious, their food will never disappoint you!! :)

If you love chinese food, this is the restaurant you must try when you're in Batam town!  They have several branches and you can find the address at my previous post. 

Grand Duck Restaurant (辉煌鸭)

Chinese RestaurantDim Sum Restaurant, and Asian Restaurant
Nagoya Hill Food Street, GF (Jl. Imam Bonjol, Lubuk Baja Kota)Batam,Kepulauan Riau 29444

 Hot & Spicy Szechuan Soup

 Hot & Spicy Szechuan Soup

 Stir-fried Beef Strip with Japanese Sauce & Fried Egg and Rice Set

 Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice Set

 Sweet & Sour Chicken, It is my FAVOURITE dish!! i never ever get bore with this dish even there are plenty of choice. I will still go for this! 

 Sesame Seed Balls for Deedat
 Deep-fried Prawn Dumplings, looks like fried wanton. :) but didn't taste like wanton.  It is deepfried Prawn Dumplings.

 Every time i have juice here, its always too sweet, this time is perfect!

My lovers

 Busy with chopsticks, son! :)

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