Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lunch @ Kampoeng Sambal, Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam

30.10.2103 - Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, Batam.  On my previous post on our 2nd visit to this restaurant Kampoeng Sambal.  I did a brief introduction. This post was our first visit to the restaurant. It was lunch time and quite pack with diners.  Here i share to you some lovely pictures.

Kampoeng Sambal

Indonesian RestaurantAsian Restaurant, and Food Court
Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, GF (Jalan Teuku Umar, Nagoya)BatamKepulauan Riau 29432

Seats are available inside the outlet or outside

 Grilled assorted seafood

 Ayam Bakar

 One of the many sambal

 Roll of assorted sambal, help yourself, self service

 Pepes Tahu

Deedat see daddy nom nom...

See only no touch! nothing he could eat, all spicy! heee.......

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